Two fullblood Boer does for sale

Photo of two Boer does

Our little herd is outgrowing our goat shed so we have decided to sell our two fullblood Boer does, Blaze and Coco. Well, that is what we call them. According to the American Boer Goat Association, they are KWDI Silver Hill Trashy and KWDI Silver Hill Classy. Yup, these girls have papers. I did a little research on Boer goats and Boer cross goats and learned that “fullblood” means that a goat’s ancestors are all 100% Boer. “Purebred” means that a goat has one or more non-Boer goats in its bloodlines; interestingly, “purebred” has a different meaning depending on whether the goat in question is a male or female. And then there is “percentage,” which is even trickier.  See What’s in a Name at to study the details.

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