Incubator batch two—Wheaten Ameraucana

Photo of four Wheaten Ameraucana chickens--one rooster and three hens

Yesterday evening, we started up the incubator again. This time, we have been collecting eggs from our Wheaten Ameraucana breeding quartet. Nineteen turquoise blue eggs. We penned the four birds together for a couple of weeks to make sure that the hens were all getting serviced by our handsome rooster. Since we gave his brother away, he has more ladies to serve.

No, we don’t have room for so many chickens, but we may take some of our purebred Wheatens to the Maryland Poultry Swap on June 8. By June, this batch will be about eight weeks old so we will be able to tell the cockerels from the pullets. According to Signature Feathers, “the hens stay cream colored and the boys get darker and darker. …wheaten males get a black chest. Wing color starts changing around 3-4 weeks old, this helps us sex them early.”

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2 Responses to Incubator batch two—Wheaten Ameraucana

  1. jose says:

    Hi! I am a rookie breeding backyard chicken. You enthusiast me with the Wheaten ameraucanas; are possible you can sale to me a few days old chicks? I live in Puerto Rico.

    • Susan says:

      Sorry, we don’t ship chicks. In general, chicks survive shipping through the mail only in batches of 25 so that they can huddle together to stay warm.

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