Yikes! Goat doe has a bloody tail

We had a bit of a panic the other day, when Barry called me out to the goat paddock to have a look at Mama goat. There was a little blood on and under her tail, and both of the kids had blood on them, as well. I got a bucket of warm soapy water and a scrub brush. We got a halter on her, Barry held her, and I scrubbed off as much of the muck as I could. We also inspected the kids. Neither was wounded; they had rubbed against her. I chastised myself for improper feeding, “I’ve given her colitis from too much grain.” Still, she seemed fine—eating well, and I had just seen her pass some very normal looking feces the day before. We decided to take a wait and see approach, and call our “goat friends” for advice if it got worse.

goat doe with bloody tailThe next morning, it was much worse. Still, she seemed just fine and gobbled a hearty breakfast. I went in and Googled “goat doe bloody tail.” The fifth result, from Buttercup Soaps Breeding and Birthing page, reassured me that, “After kidding a doe will have bleeding for a few weeks (3 to 6 weeks). This is normal.” Phew! Bleeding is part of the process of her uterus returning to normal.

When I got a chance, I reread sections of each of the three goat books that I bought so I could be prepared to take good care of our goats. No mention of blood after kidding. And one of them was written by two veterinarians. Each of the books has great information, though. Check them out on Amazon:

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