Creeping charlie: free groundcover or invasive weed?

Photo of creeping charlie

Will we regret planting this ground cover?

Earlier this year, we had a french drain put in along the front of our house. The crew tamped down the soil with their heavy equipment and called it a day. We have no landscape plan, so whenever I see bare soil, I throw down clover seed just to keep the mud at bay. The bare strip was filling in nicely with fresh green growth. And then along came Hurricane Sandy with record rainfall that really settled the soil. Now we had a deep depression planted nicely with clover. So, after Barry scored a pickup truck load of free fill dirt, we had more bare ground, and it’s getting pretty late to get grass or clover to grow. So, we looked for anything to cover the bare soil, and decided to scrape up the creeping charlie that had invaded the straw mulch on the blueberries. Barry just shoveled it into the wheel barrow and dumped it along the house. I hope it can survive our benign neglect.

The gardening world seems pretty divided on this topic, as some consider my chosen ground cover to be one of the worst weeds you can find in your yard. But I did a little research, and this member of the mint family, also known as ground ivy, has a long history of medicinal uses. So, I’ll see if it survives, and maybe make a tonic when my sciatica flares up.

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Photo of creeping charle

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